Interior Navigation


Semblance AR presents the next generation of “smart navigation” technology : augmented reality navigation. Our solution combines AI with the world’s best AR navigation to create the   on works on all mobile devices with Android or iOS platforms. To get to your destination, you simply need to follow a line of arrows shown in front of you and you will reach your destination within the shortest amount of time. You will get active visual feedback based on where you are heading; you will know exactly if you are going the wrong way. Our technology can also perform real-time language translation on any text you point to with your mobile device, which will be incredibly helpful for reading signs in spaces such as airports and shopping malls. We also develop AI to handle real-time route-changes based on spontaneous events, as well as loading geotagged virtual content in front of the user based on the user’s current location.


Retail Shopping

Find your favorite branded products at exact locations inside a retail store.


Get to your flight gate in the shortest amount of time, with live updates on gate changes.

Parking Lots

No more worrying about finding your car when visiting unfamiliar places.


Place virtual samples of your products or coupons outside of your stores to attract customers.