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Play AR [augmented reality] is the world’s easiest augmented reality video game creation software in a mobile app. Play AR takes video games out of the TV and turns them into a physical experience! Play AR was designed to let people with no programming experience play and create highly interactive augmented reality [AR] video games with just a few clicks. Best of all you can publish your creations as stand alone apps for smart phones and tablets!

AR Battlefield [editable global multi-user combat game]


before PlayAR 


after PlayAR

With the release of Play AR, we will launch the augmented reality multi-user game call “AR Battlefield”. AR Battlefield turns the entire planet into a futuristic, editable, multi-user augmented reality game. You can play against your friends or team up and play against neighboring towns, states and or even countries! AR Battlefield will overlay the real world with your AR creations. You can upload your own crazy weapons, fortifications, robots, vehicles and body armor. Your creations level up the longer you play. You can also download free models from a library of 1000s of creations. Turn your house into a impenetrable fortress or team up with neighborhood friends to fortify your entire city and defend against outside invaders! You can also create custom coded scripts for special animations and interactivity.

Play AR takes traditional video gaming out of the TV and turns into a physical experience that surrounds you in 3D. To play across a level, you will actually have to walk or run from one side to the other. Play AR gives users the power to transform public space into a virtual playground. Create games and experiences that interact with reality. The physical world becomes an editable level letting you create experiences once thought unimaginable. Knock over skyscrapers like dominoes with a giant sling shot. Play against neighboring towns or countries halfway around the world!

Creating a game level or interactive experience is easy!

Simply download the app. Type the desired object or character into the creation text field. [We have a library of over 1000 free objects to choose from and you can upload your own.] Press the “Create Button” and it will appear in front of you. Drag the object to where you want it with our multi touch interface. Resize and rotate it by clicking and dragging.

Upload and add interactivity to your creations!

To make your game, first create or download a 3D or 2D model. Open our free action / animation editor software. Choose the action you want from the action list [example – “auto target”]. Drag and drop your model onto the the editor and it will be applied to the model the next time you create it. You can also create custom interaction or AI scripts and use them with your creation.

Play AR will use the Unity Game Engine. Unity has a large and very active user group for Play AR users to tap into. Large amounts of Unity code is freely available and there are extensive tutorials ranging from beginner to advanced.  Even though Play AR requires no programming experience, advanced users can challenge themselves with Unity.

Play AR is a globally networked game development environment. Games you create have a specific location on the face of the earth. Our AR technology will incorporate GPS and computer vision technology to position your models at specific locations of your choosing. For the future, we are planning on incorporating depth sensing technology like the Structure Sensor [now on Kickstarter] to enhance game play.

Play AR will have an account system that gives you control over who sees and can edit your creations. This makes it  easy to work with friends on large scale collaborations. You can work on a game in private and then make it public at any point by changing the privacy settings. Best of all, once you have made the perfect AR video game you can export it as a stand alone smart phone / tablet app. You can also share or sell your creation on the Play AR Store. Other people will be able to play and edit your game depending on your privacy settings.