Two Seconds To Safety


Two Seconds To Safety is a spin-off company from Semblance AR that focuses solely on the development of a mobile solution that can bring any person to the safest location fast and efficiently under life-threatening circumstances.Inside known, controlled spaces, our solution can pinpoint the exact location of the threat and direct our user to the safest exit with our augmented reality navigation technology. In a different perspective, the user can signal their location to first responders to help them reach the user through the safest route using our technology.

How it Works

Threat-detecting sensors

We provide integrated sensors that can detect locations of threats such as fire, bomb and gunshooter.

Known space mapping

Any given known space will be 3D-mapped to provide the highest precision of location tracking for our users.

Intuitive user interface

Using Augmented Reality, users will be guided with visual arrows in front of them to the safest location.